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22 Jan

The {Mini Twisted Collection}!

16 Jan

I’ve had a few inquires over the last couple of months about doing “smaller” statement necklaces….aka, a “statement” necklace for the faint of heart….and it’s time to officially debut what I have came up with!

The interest in my {Twisted Collection} has been increasingly as of late, so after conversing with some of my lovely customers and friends, I have decided that the perfect “smaller” statement necklace would be a three-stranded {Twisted Collection} necklace, instead of the usual six-strands. It still creates a “statement”, but on a smaller scale. Since I don’t use as many beads and they don’t take as long to create, I’m able to reduce the price accordingly!

So, what do I call this collection? Good question. I’m running out of cutsy ideas for names, so I’m just going to call it the {Mini Twisted Collection} for now, since it technically is a mini version of it!

Without further ado, here are some pictures of a necklace I recently did for a fabulous new customer!

As described above....instead of 6 beaded strands braided and twisted together, this collection of necklaces have 3 beaded strands braided and twisted together!

These {Mini Twisted Collection} necklaces are perfect for the....slightly faint of heart...in regards to "statement necklaces"! 😉 Sometimes, I have to remind myself that not everyone loves big and chunky jewelry! 😉

This particular necklace features 3 beaded strands of glass pearls, crystals, glass seed beads, rhinestones....and just a FEW larger glass accent beads! 😉 It showcases the gorgeous colors of deep red, garnet, ivory, beige, and some speckles of gold!

With the adjustable chain and clasp, this length of this necklace is awesomely versatile! It can be worn anywhere from 16 to 20 inches.

It's a fabulous necklace at a fabulous price!

It’s SO fabulous, that I made two of them. 🙂 Get your own necklace today!



Feelin’ GREEN!

15 Jan

I have to admit….I got the inspiration for this necklace from our beloved GREEN BAY PACKERS!

Time for more {Classic Collection - Option #2}!

Well, to be honest, this necklace was inspired by not only our beloved Green Bay Packers, but by my 4-year old son....as his "absolute favorite favorite color in the whole wide world" is GREEN! 😉

This {Classic Collection} necklace features 9 strands of cascading beads of various shapes and sizes. Actually, this particular necklace showcases a large variety of different types of beads too! We have my signature glass pearls and crystals of course, but there are also tons of lampwork beads, several huge lime green glass translucent beads, and lots of super fun forest green-colored stones.

My favorite beads by FAR in this beauty are the lime green lampwork beads. If you've never seen a lampwork glass bead up close and personal, its a must!!!!

This necklace is available on Etsy! Get your very own GREEN beauty today! 🙂 http://www.etsy.com/shop/JewelryByJessicaT?section_id=10165778

So….if you love your Green Bay Packers, you will LOVE this green “Classic” necklace!


A “Mini” Statement Necklace for your “Mini Me!”

14 Jan

Although I don’t have daughters, I find it amazingly fun to make “mini” statement necklaces for the lovely little ladies in our lives! My niece Ella and I are super close (and many consider her to be my “mini me”), so I have made a handful of “mini statement” necklaces just for her…..and I’m dying to share them with all of you!

Here is a “Mini Fringe Necklace” I made for Miss Ella….to match mine of course!

Here is my {Mini Statement Collection} Fringe Necklace! A much more petite replica of my original "Fringe" necklace design, but perfect for little girls of all ages....

I made this exact necklace for my 8-year old niece, and the day after she wore it to school for the first time, she called me to say all her friends wanted one too! 🙂

Includes a pretty flower to match, of course.... 🙂

Hundreds of petite pearls and crystals dangle from the lightweight, yet super sturdy silver chain. Gaurunteed to last for generations!

The pinks, light pinks, and pearly whites make this necklace a little girl's dream color combination.. 🙂

Order this beauty for your little beauty! ♥



13 Jan

Time to get back to my fun and quirky {Whimsical Collection}!  I have some mad love for this particular necklace design, especially because it’s so unique and different from anything you will see in the stores….or even on Etsy! It combines two of my original necklace designs….the {Twisted Collection} at the sides of the necklace, and the {Classic Collection} at the base of the necklace. The finished product creates a super “whimsical” look!

Feeling a little "whimsy" this week, so here is another addition to the {Whimsical Collection}!

This necklace features a fun and interesting color combination....yellow and gray!! And I think it's a fabulous combo... 🙂

Although the two main colors are yellow and gray, this necklace features a variety of shades from these color families, including bright yellow, marigold, gold, graphite gray, and a sprinkle of black.

Since this necklace is indeed a special "Whimsical" necklace, it has intricate beading at the sides to give it a unique look.

Then the base of the necklace features 8 beautiful strands of cascading glass beads, pearls, stones, crystals, and sprinkles of rhinestones. Super sparkly of course! I wish my pictures could capture just how much all my necklaces sparkle in the light. It's one of the first things people comment on!

An adjustable clasp and chain makes the length super versatile!

It’s going straight to Etsy! ♥ Don’t you want something super unique around your neck in this awesome color combo? It’s sure to be a show stopper! ♥


Ode to Pearls….

12 Jan

It’s always been super important to me to be sure my jewelry creations are extremely sturdy. One of my biggest pet peeves over the years has always been broken jewelry! I’ve been a fan of the multi-strand “statement” necklaces since…well, probably birth….and nothing ticked me off more than having those lovely beaded strands bust all over the place. Soooo, when I started making jewelry awhile back, my number #1 priority was to make reliable creations.

In addition, I have a secret wish that my jewelry will eventually become “heirloom” jewelry that can be “passed down” for years to come. I have a ton of my mom and my grandma’s old jewelry, and just imagining the history behind each piece really makes me giddy. I’ve worked super hard to make sure my jewelry is high quality and incredibly strong, so I truly hope that my jewelry will be able to tell a story for many years and many generations.

That being said, pearls will never go out of style, so they are definitely my favorite bead to work with. I literally have 3 storage boxes brimming with pearls of all sizes and all colors. So, here is another creation made with pearls, pearls, and more pearls!!

Let's embrace the "pearly" love in a {Classic Collection - Option #2} design!

I was very inspired by the classic, vintage-y feel of the "Classic Collection" necklace I made the other day....so I made another one....with pearls of course! Actually I made two of them....one for me and one for Etsy! ♥ ♥ ♥ When a necklace of mine garners 3 compliments within the first HOUR of wearing it out in public, you KNOW it's going to be a winner! Hence the reason I just HAD to make two of them!

This necklace features hundreds of pearls, pearls, crystals, and more PEARLS! It has 8 large cascading strands of beads, showcasing white pearls of 3 different sizes, ivory pearls of 3 different sizes, and pink pearls of 3 different sizes! It also features tons of clear, pink, and ivory crystals to match!

But the part I love best about this necklace?? The vintage gold metals and rhinestones! It totally makes this necklace!

And yes, this necklace is another classy, timeless beauty to go with "anything and everything"! Every girl needs a timeless necklace bursting with pearls like this one. And I can guarantee you can wear it daily! 🙂

Go check it out at my Etsy store!


Classic Pearls!

11 Jan

If you’ve been a follower of my blog and/or facebook page, it’s no secret that I looove pearls. I ADORE pearls actually…especially the colored pearls! Actually, the very first time I set foot in a craft store, I immediately zoned in on all the beautiful colored pearls the second I laid eyes on them! There were purple pearls, pink pearls, bright blue pearls, gorgeous green pearls…and everything in between. Pearls make me happy. Then when you pair those pretty pearls with pretty crystals, you have yourselves the ultimate {jewelry by jessica theresa} signature combination!

So…speaking of pearls…. 😉

This next statement necklace I created for an amazing and super loyal customer of mine is made with pearls of all shapes and sizes! She requested a {Classic Collection – Option #2) necklace in the light, neutral colors of ivory and white, along with some beige and gold accents. Here is what I came up with!

A {Classic Collection} necklace showcasing pearls, pearls, and more pearls!!

Although pearls tend to convey a very "classic" look....a "look" I happen to deeply adore...I love to jazz it up a bit with my signature pealrs. crystals, and other unexpected combinatins!

I created this necklace with a variety of different sized white and ivory pearls, because any girl knows that timeless pearls indeed can be worn with "anything and everything"! 🙂

As I was creating this necklace, it took on a "vintagey" feel, as the different colored pearls, mixed with the splashes of antique gold metals and rhinestone accents, really gave it that classy, aged look.

And then to finish off this beauty, I made two different coordinating flowers. One is a creamy gold flower with shiny white pearls in the middle. And the other is a shiny white satin flower, with creamy ivory pearls in the middle. They can be worn one at a time, or together, for a super statement! 😉

This necklace actually reminds me a LOT of the colors of my wedding dress! It was a deep ivory with lots of white, gold, and ivory beads all over. Perhaps a bridal collection is up next...? You never know what may already be in the works.... 😉

So there ya have it! Pearls, pearls, and more pearls! With lots more “pretty pearl” necklaces in the works! Since I posted this necklace on facebook the other day, I’ve already had 2 requests for replicas! Love it! ❤

Get yours today….because this necklace is guaranteed to be a timeless beauty that you can wear for YEARS and YEARS to come! 🙂


More {Twisted Collection}?? Why Not! :-)

9 Jan

So we’ve done some “Twisted” pink, some “Twisted” blue, some “Twisted” green, some “Twisted” red/gold, and some “Twisted” black/brown.

What’s next……?

How about some “Twisted” PURPLE!

This necklace features all sorts of fabulous shades of purple! One of my personal favorite colors....true to my girly-girl self I suppose... 😉

The first two strands feature shades of deep purple and royal purples. The next two strands feature lots of lavender and splashes of muted purple. And the last two strands feature shades of pretty plums!

And when you twist them all together, the otherwise "monotone" color of purple becomes a super dynamic, beautifully blended array of purples!

Twisted necklaces are so fun!!! They are gaining popularity. 🙂

Check out Etsy to get your very own {Twisted Collection} necklace today! 🙂


A Coffee Inspired {Twisted Collection} Necklace!

7 Jan

A fabulous friend of mine had a landmark birthday this week {Happy 25th Birthday Abby!), and of course I had to give her a custom {jewelry by jessica theresa} necklace! And since she looooves coffee, and happens to favor the colors of blacks and browns, she decided on a {Twisted Collection} necklace in the colors of “espresso, black, brown, and anything coffee colored!”

And this is what I came up with!

Most of my {Twisted Collection} necklaces have been created with bright, vibrant colors, so this was a super fun change of pace!

The fabulous birthday girl just happens to be one of my son's preschool teachers....aka, the lovely Miss Abby.....a wonderful lady who has become a great friend!!

Abby loves the {Twisted Collection} necklaces, so her birthday request was for a "Twisted" custom necklace in the colors of blacks, browns, and all things "coffee colored" (her exact words were "you know I love coffee"!

The first two strands are made with glass beads, pearls, seed beads, and crystals in the nice bold color of BLACK! The next two strands are made with glass beads, pearls, seed beads, and crystals in the nice yummy colors of espresso brown and chocolate brown. And maybe some mochas....and more espresso.... 😉 And then the last two strands are made with glass beads, pearls, seed beads, and crystals in the very SHINY and striking color of graphite gray.

I added two coordinating fabric flowers of course!

I really think these colors blended together splendidly! And a nice extender chain to makes it extra versatile 🙂

A super fun combo for a super amazing lady!!! Happy Birthday Miss Abby!!! 🙂




A “Twisted” Necklace In Lovely Neutrals!

5 Jan

So, within 12 hours of listing my neutral colored {Classic Collection} necklace, I garnered some awesome interest! I’m so elated!

Therefore, in the effort of showcasing these lovely neutral colors, I decided to create a {Twisted Collection} necklace in the same color combo. 🙂

Another new and improved {Twisted Collection} necklace! Each {Twisted Collection} necklace is now showcased by 6 beaded strands that are "intricately" twisted and braided together into a unique statement necklace look.

I think this just might be a popular color combination....neutrals with a splash of color! This color combination features lots of warm tones, including chocolate brown, copper, bronze, gold, lighter gold, and lots of splashes of teal and turquoise. 🙂

The first two strands feature chocolate browns and creamy/lighter browns. The next two strands feature deep golds, bronze, and lighter gold. And the last two strands feature pretty shades of teals and turquoise. When you "twist" them all together, it sort of has an "earthy" vibe with a splash of color....perhaps a bit southwestern!

It features strands of glass pearls, glass beads, larger stones, stone chips, rhinestones, and crystals. It has an earthy feel with the colors and pretty stones, but then it's juxtaposed with feminine, sparkly accents in the rhinestones and crystal beads!

Add a perfectly coordinating fabric flower...made with the exact same beads that are found in the necklace itself...and you've got a signature {jewelry by jessica theresa} design. And a 2-inch extender chain to give it the ultimate versatility!

Don’t be afraid to request for these awesome neutral colors to be created in another necklace design! How pretty would a “neutral” {Fringe Necklace Collection} look?! Let’s brainstorm and create your dream creation. I love custom orders! 🙂


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